Bouncing back from credit card debt is one of the greatest financial achievements many of us experience—but when you’re in the thick of calls from collections, and rising outstanding balances threaten to ruin your finances, it can feel like you’ll never beat the system.

And then, most lenders will run away from your car loan application when they see how credit card debt has effected your credit score. We know a lot of dealerships and banks are afraid to work with people who have struggled with credit card debt—but we’re not. We believe that anyone willing to work hard to pay their bills deserves a fair shake at an auto loan, and a second chance at rebuilding their credit.

If you’ve failed to get approved for a car loan by another dealer or financial institution, give us a call at 877.254.6855. Or, better yet—start your credit pre-approval with us now, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. We never make a determination on applications based solely on credit scores, and we look forward to helping you get back on the road.

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