Replace Your Car at Easton Motors!Repair or Replace Your Car? Choosing Used Makes it Easy!

Are you looking for major engine or transmission repair on your vehicle? It sounds like a simple question, but what if the answer is not to repair at all, but to replace? Easton Motors can help with a wide selection of quality pre-owned vehicles at great prices. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons it can be better to replace your car instead of paying for expensive repairs.

The Cost of Repairs vs the Value of Your Car

You’ve gotten an estimate to repair your car, and it’s big. A 2015 average for major repairs by CarMD suggests the average cost of an engine replacement is $5,500, a transmission replacement is even more expensive at $6,400. Those prices will only have risen since then. That’s a big price tag because of the cost of labor and parts, parts that are even more difficult to get after the pandemic that started in 2020.

How much is your current car worth? A good rule of thumb is to add up the cost of the repair vs the value of the vehicle. You can get vehicle value estimates easily online these days. Kelly Blue Book is one such place. If the cost of the repair is greater than the vehicle’s current value, or greater than one year’s worth of monthly payments, it is time to replace it.


If the value suggests it is time to replace your car and not pay for expensive engine or transmission repairs, but you’re still worried, consider some other factors. First, and most importantly, how reliable will your repaired vehicle be in the future? If you need dependable transportation and are already facing a large repair bill, there’s no guarantee more bills aren’t on the horizon.


If cost is a factor, that’s why Easton Motors is here to help. By choosing to replace instead of repair your vehicle with a used car, truck, SUV from Easton Motors, you’re making the right decision. Used cars retain more value, and Easton Motors can make you a great deal on a quality used car. That’s because we’re a buy here, pay here dealership that can work with customers with almost all kinds of credit.

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