Kelli and Don knew they needed a new car, but with Don’s no credit history and busy work schedule, they weren’t sure they’d be able to get financing. Luckily, Don’s son is also an Easton Motors customer, and recommended that the couple visit Easton Motors in Baraboo to see if they could help.

What the couple likes most about Easton Motors is how easy the financing process was. “Vickie made it EASY! No matter what I asked, she found me an answer. She also gave us a list of the vehicles in our price range and based on what we were searching for. She was patient and understanding.”

Car Shopping Advice:

  • Be honest about your financial situation when you are setting up your finances. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you are able to purchase.
  • Don’t settle for a vehicle that you’re not happy with
  • Go to Easton Motors. It’s a truly great place to purchase a nice used vehicle from, and I 100% recommend working with Vickie in Baraboo

Customer Profile:

Kelli and Don from Central Wisconsin

Jobs: Accountant and Truck Driver

Car Purchased: Chevy Tahoe

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