Being the bank, and the car dealership for bad credit, has its perks

At Easton Motors in Wisconsin, we begin by learning about your financial situation (no credit, poor credit, on-the-brink-of-extinction credit) and work backwards all the way to the cars—so you’re getting the right car, right away, and we’re getting a great customer.

Maybe you have a good job but bad credit, or you fell on some rough financial times. Or maybe you appreciate a "buy here pay here" process that will rebuild your credit. Whatever your life scenario, Easton Motors can help.

Here’s how our buy here pay here process comes together behind the scenes…

Easton Motors Buy Here Pay Here

Before you step onto our lots, or select a vehicle from our online inventory, we get to know you, your needs, and your credit history

Buy Here Pay Here Easton Motors

Once we’ve partnered you up with a car or two, we’ll take you out for a test spin—and pick up the tab once you’ve made your choice, thanks to our in-house lending capabilities

Easton Motors Commitment

Any great relationship ultimately relies on commitment and trust. We’ll trust you with one of our customized car loans, and you’ll trust us to steer you in the right financial direction —whether that means finding a car that fits your budget, or a game plan for rebuilding your credit.

Your Future is waiting -Easton Motors

Don’t role the dice on other “Buy Here, Pay Here” companies that are just looking for a quick fling at your expense. Get started today on your application process, ..and be sure to reference our 'Get Prepared' page before your follow-up appointment with one of our Finance Specialist.

Apply Today, Drive Today:

Easton Motors EZ Credit - Wisconsin Used Car Dealership


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