Desiree was skeptical at first about Easton Motors. She didn't have the best of credit, and she had a repossession on her record. It didn't seem like anyone could help her out.

t when her friend's father, a loyal Easton Motors customer, recommended she look into car loans for bad credit at Easton Motors, she decided it was worth a shot.

As a mom with a young son, she needed reliable transportation, and a company that was willing to take a financial risk on her. She found that company in Easton Motors. Easton Finance Specialists worked with her and her bad credit history, and put together a package that was right for her family.

One of Desiree's favorite things about doing business with Easton Motors is that "they're always checking in to see how everything is going with your vehicle!" She also appreciates the automatic payment deductions that keep her credit on track.

Customer Profile

Desiree from Central Wisconsin

Job: Old Navy Sales Department

Financed Vehicle: Saturn Ion

Car Shopping Advice

  • Set an appointment and clear out a few hours of your day, because with the application and finance program review, it does take some time.
  • Plan out all of your financials and figure out how much you can afford, because, speaking from experience, having a "repo" on your record isn't fun.
  • Go in with an open mind and explore all of your options—even if you're not too keen on the process in the beginning

Final Thoughts:

"I'm very happy with my decision to go to Easton Motors, and I'm very happy with my new car!"

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