Ben didn't expect his eye to be caught by the Easton Motors lot at West Salem, as he drove his wife to work on a crisp October morning--but as it turned out, that chance meeting was fortuitous for both Ben and Easton. After that initial passing, Ben decided to pay Easton Motors a visit in person. He was in the market for a Dodge Journey, but after working with Carol Meade, Ben would soon find himself the owner of a shiny 2008 Ford Escape XLT.

Ben says what attracted him to Easton Motors was the wide variety of inventory--even if the car he wanted wasn't at West Salem, he knew it would be easy to choose and receive a vehicle from any of Easton's 5 locations throughout Wisconsin.

Ben says the financing works well for his family's budget, and his favorite thing about doing business at Easton Motors is "the sheer respect. Not a single person turned their head from me when I walked in the door, and everyone answered all of my questions." Ben says what he doesn't like about larger dealerships is that they focus on only the vehicles THEY want to sell you--instead, he was much more comfortable choosing from a selection of vehicles that matched his available financing, rather than having the terms of his car ownership dictated by a large corporation.

Car Shopping Advice

  • When you're going to a traditional dealership (unlike at Easton), be wary of the first salesperson who pops up out of their chair right away. They'll want to sell you on THEIR vehicle choice--not yours.
  • Nine times out of ten, you should have a backup vehicle in mind. Rarely should you plan on getting the exact car you came in for.
  • Always ask for a car history report

Customer Profile:

Ben from Western Wisconsin

Job: Auto Mechanic

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