Double Down Sale 2017 | Easton Motors

Double Down 2017 at Easton Motors

Our annual Double Down Sale makes its return for 2017! No matter where your down payment is coming from—including your tax return—we’ll double it! (Example: bring in a down payment of $1500, and we’ll match it for a total down payment of $3,000. Bring in $1,000, and we’ll match it for a total down payment of $2,000.). As with all Easton Motors sales, the Double Down Sale is subject to final approval from underwriting on a case-by-case basis. 

If you’re ready to take advantage of this awesome sale, please check out our used cars and trucks inventory, and get pre-approved for your car loan online. For more information about this offer, or to schedule an appointment with your nearest Easton Motors finance specialist, please call 877.254.6855. 

Please note: the Easton Motors inventory changes on a daily basis, so in order to ensure that the vehicle you want is still available, we highly encourage our guests to get pre-approved online, and keep their finance appointment, once scheduled. 

Double Down 2017