Rejected for a Credit Card? You're Not Alone

by Easton Motors
7/5/2019 - Wisconsin Dells, WI

Applying for a new credit card is typically a pretty straight-forward process. In many cases, you’ll receive a hard copy invitation (normally based on market research and other financial data) to apply for a bank’s credit card. The perks and interest rates are always different, but the process is usually the same (unless you have one of those super fancy American Express Black cards—aka, the “Centurion Card”, which is actually anodized titanium, unlike the plastic that we commoners carry around in our wallets)—you’re invited to apply by way of providing key information about your current income, social security info, and miscellaneous details. In a lot of cases, you can apply in under 5 minutes. From there, the credit company’s bank will run a series of checks on your credits to determine if you’re qualified for their card.