Prime Cars: Getting a Good Car When You Have Bad Credit

by Easton Motors
4/19/2019 - Wisconsin Dells, WI

We’ve all been there before; the credit card bill comes in the mail, we file it away somewhere in our house, and then promptly forget about it. The payment due date comes and goes, and suddenly we have a late payment mark on our credit. Maybe we can sweet talk the credit card company into not letting our forgetfulness affect our credit score, but many other credit circumstances aren’t as easily solved.

If you’re an adult living in modern America, chances are, you’ve incurred debt at some point in your life, many of us are still rebuilding our finances and trying to figure out how to improve our credit scores. But life goes on, and we have to keep charging forward—both personally, and professionally.

If you live in a large city, you probably have lots of options when it comes to getting to and from work, for picking your kids up from school, and for getting to job interviews and other important events.

But if you live in an area of the country that doesn’t have massive transportation infrastructure, having a good, quality car can mean the difference between getting the job that will pay all the bills, or safely getting out of bad weather conditions, or just simply enjoying having a way to get to friends and family or the great outdoors.

Having poor credit can keep you from being able to afford or finance a solid vehicle—but knowing how to attack your credit situation and finding a bad credit used car dealer willing to work with your situation is crucial to getting over the hump of transportation woes.

So what if there was a used car dealership that worked with drivers with bad credit AND who sold really high quality cars, trucks, and SUVs?

Prime Inventory: Great Cars for Bad Credit

At Easton Motors of Wisconsin, we specialize in offering safe and reliable transportation that’s fun to drive and will make you proud to own—including trucks and SUVs—called “Prime Cars”. Newer used cars with fewer amount of miles on them. These Prime Cars are top-tier vehicles, and are available for all of our bad credit guests (with approval from underwriting).

If you’re unsure of working with a Buy-Here Pay-Here dealer in Wisconsin, we want you to feel totally at ease with us. We’ve got lots of resources on our website to help educate you on our finance program, and lend better transparency to the way we’ve structured our company.

Rebuild Your Credit with a Good Car

Consistently repaying your car loan is a great way to rebuild your credit—but we also think you should love the car you’re driving while you’re rebuilding your personal finances.

We’re proud of our Prime Car inventory for drivers with credit issues, and hope you like what you see!


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