How To Register Your Car Without Freaking Out

Getting Registered: Wisconsin DMV

Register your car at a Wisconsin DMV

In order to legally operate your vehicle on the roadway you must display temporary or permanent license plates within 2 days of purchase.

At Easton Motors, we take the burden of this task out of your hands and take care of all of your registration needs. We give you a full-service experience at the time of sale by properly submitting all necessary information to the Wisconsin DMV so you can drive off the lot happy and care-free.

However, if you find yourself with a newly acquired automobile and need to take care of this process yourself, the following information should help prepare you so you can avoid waiting in the long lines that are often associated with a visit to your local DMV service center.

  1. Certificate of Title: Never purchase a vehicle from a private seller unless you are given a properly completed title at the time of sale. The seller needs to sign the back where required and also complete the odometer disclosure statement. If the title is showing a lien holder, be sure they provide you with legal proof of the lien release.
  2. Wisconsin Title & License Plate form (MV1):  You can get a blank form from the DMV website or you can pick one up at any DMV Service Center that offers title servicing. Be sure to complete all of the necessary information, including the transfer plate section if you already have a valid license plate you can transfer from a previous vehicle.
  3. Check or Money Order: Make your check payable to Registration Fee Trust for the proper amount. You will want to include title fee, plate fee (if needing new plates), sales tax, local sales tax (if applicable), wheel tax (if applicable), and if you choose to do all of this in person you will need to add the counter fee. Note: Some places may also take debit, credit, or cash.

You can also choose to register your vehicle online by visiting and clicking on the link for eMV Public Title & Register.

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