Why We’re Geeking Out Over Nerd Wallet

Why We’re Geeking Out Over Nerd Wallet

If you’ve ever used the Internet to search for financial tips in the last seven years, chances are you’ve read at least one or two articles from finance site Nerd Wallet. This amazing free credit tool has undergone lots of updates since its debut in 2009, but one thing has always remained at the core of the site: its impeccable ability to give real-time answers to people who have real-time questions.

Top Features At Nerd Wallet

One of our favorite Nerd Wallet tools is the site’s ability to compare current credit cards on the market, divided up by credit type. No matter your credit score, you can find which cards offer the best cash rewards (if that’s your jam), interest rates, and even balance transfer penalties.

Geekout over Nerd Wallet

Another favorite Nerd Wallet tool is being able to compare checking account options to help people discover free or low-interest checking accounts, filtered by zip code.

With tax season looming, we figured our readers would appreciate a website that can help give them a road map for staying financially responsible—or for becoming financially responsible—for the new year.

If you haven’t checked out Nerd Wallet before, we highly encourage you to give it a look!