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8 Driving Hacks Everyone Should Know

Some important that you need know Read More

Buying a Car for Cash – Is this the best way to spend your hard earned money?

Picture this: you have $1000 burning a hole in your pocket…what are you planning to do with it? Pay up some bills? Sock it away in your savings account for something special? Donate it to a charity? Go on a shopping spree? Buy a car? Read More

Lay-Away for my car? Is it possible? Easton Motors has options!

We know it can be hard to save a large amount of money in these tough economic times, but with the following options we may be able to take away some of the emotional burden to help you achieve your goal of driving away from one of our 5 lots in a reliable vehicle, with a warranty, at a payment that fits your budget. Read More

Are References Needed When Purchasing a Vehicle at Easton Motors?

We are always looking for ways to help make car shopping as stress free as possible. When purchasing a vehicle at your local Easton Motors Wisconsin dealership, we will ask for 8 personal references per applicant, or 12 personal references if your married and both applicants are on the finance application together – a personal reference will include full name, address, and phone number. The references can play a very important roll to your second chance used car credit application approval. Read More

Affordable Wisconsin Tax Preparation 2017

Finding affordable tax preparers can be a real challenge, but luckily for those of us in Wisconsin, there are plenty of local, affordable tax return offices where you can get quality help for your 2017 returns. Read More

Why We’re Geeking Out Over Nerd Wallet

If you’ve ever used the Internet to search for financial tips in the last seven years, chances are you’ve read at least one or two articles from finance site Nerd Wallet. This amazing free credit tool has undergone lots of updates since its debut in 2009, but one thing has always remained at the core of the site: its impeccable ability to give real-time answers to people who have real-time questions. Read More

Simplest way to get a loan approval

When you have bad credit or need a second chance car dealership in Wisconsin to take a risk on you, it may make sense, initially, to work with a traditional lot since they have many lenders ready to approve car loans every day of the year. Read More

Cheap Ways To Be Healthy In 2017

In the dead of winter, the idea of getting in shape is practically painful. The days are shorter, and colder—oh, how they’re colder!—and most of our local events revolve around warm gyms where we cheer on other people as they burn calories (special shout out to our Wisconsin high school sports teams). Read More

Managing Your Debt: Year In Review

The end of the year is a popular time for reflecting on the past 12 months, and it’s also a great opportunity to do some debt detox and general financial housekeeping. By setting yourself up for success at the end of the year (while everyone else is hibernating!), you increase your chances of paying down debt, increasing your credit score, and freeing yourself from being a slave to money 24/7. Read More

Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

Our tax returns offer one of the single biggest yearly opportunities to make great strides towards better financial health. Of course, the temptations to blow our tax refunds are great, with marketers from far and wide trying to strip us of our hard-earned returns. But with a little patience, and a willingness to put off temporary delight for long-term gain, we can make our tax refunds work for us. Read More

What To Do If You Can’t Pay Your Car Loan

When you can’t pay your car loan, a lot of thoughts and feelings are likely to rise to the surface. Whether you’re cool as a cucumber, or panic-prone, the most important thing you can do when you can’t pay your car loan is acknowledging the situation, your fears, and how you got into trouble Read More

Top Automotive Trends In 2017

As Americans, we love knowing that we’re getting *the best* of everything. The best athletes, the best shoes, the best types of hamburger meat, and especially the best in automotive. But figuring out what the best really means can be tricky, especially as technology continues to accelerate the rate at which cars are changing. With all of the dynamism in the automotive industry right now, we wanted to narrow down the list to get an idea of where things are going in 2017 and beyond. Read More

Annual Credit Report

In 2003, Congress passed a law that entitles every American to one free credit report each year from the major credit bureaus—Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. If staggered throughout the year, that means each of us could have three free reports, since we get one from each bureau. Ordinarily, credit reports can cost anywhere from $10 and higher, depending on the service you use, and any add-ons requested. Read More

Must Have Insurance

When it comes to insurance, the national debate around health care will probably continue to hog all the attention for years to come—but what about all the other types of insurance out there? The insurance industry is one of the largest in America, after all, and not all of that money is the result of medical premiums. Read More

Affordable Last Minute Gifts for Car Lovers

We’re staring down the last few days before Christmas, and if you’re anything like us, you might be secretly scrambling to get the last few goodies under the tree before friends and family gather for the big day. Read More

Our 2016 College Student Gift Guide

College students can be as hard to shop for as teenagers learning to drive. What’s a parent or grandparent to do when their child goes off to college, and barely remembers your name by semester’s end? Read More

Teaching Your Teen To Become a Responsible Driver

As parents, there are few things in life we fear more than our children being involved in an automobile accident—fatal or otherwise. But we also know (from our own personal experience being a teenager!) that learning how to drive is an important developmental milestone in most American teens’ lives. Few things are as invigorating as the open road, and the freedom to travel far and wide is indeed a great blessing. Driving teaches us all many lessons, and is a responsibility not to be taken lightly, or for granted. So how do we, as parents and guardians, prepare our kids and grandchildren for this massive undertaking? Read More

The Rise of the Wisconsin Credit Card Skimmer

Whether you’re traveling for work, family, or just out running some errands, keep your eyes as much on the gas pump as you do the road this winter. Recent news reports show a steep uptick in the amount of credit card skimmers found across Wisconsin, with a special concentration of skimmers found in the Madison region. Read More

How Loan References Work

For people who don’t work in the finance industry—and let’s face it: even for a lot of people who do—there’s a lot of mystery behind how someone is approved for a loan. Today, we’re setting out to de-mystify the application process for our credit applicants particularly, but we hope that the information provided gives good insight into applying for loans in general, especially when it comes to being asked to provide personal and professional references. Read More

How To Register Your Car Without Freaking Out

At Easton Motors, we take the burden of this task out of your hands and take care of all of your registration needs. We give you a full-service experience at the time of sale by properly submitting all necessary information to the Wisconsin DMV so you can drive off the lot happy and care-free. Read More

2016 Holiday Events Highlight Reel

All across the state, towns and cities are prepping for another amazing holiday season in Wisconsin. From parades, to Santa sightings, to family-friendly outdoor events, this is an awesome time to take advantage of our rich Wisconsin living. Read More

Can You Really Afford This Car?

You first notice its shiny exterior and heavy duty tires from across the street. You drive over to take a closer look. The features. The styling. The MPG. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for since you started your search for a new car. Read More

Get a Head Start On Your Taxes

Before you think we’re crazy for encouraging you to start prepping for tax season (it’s not even Halloween yet, for Pete’s sake), having spent our fair share of time behind the desk working with people to better manage their finances, we heartily endorse a pro-active approach to taxes. Whether you’re a busy parent who barely looks up between the start of the school and New Years, a freelance contractor with loads of 1099s, or someone who’s planning on making some big life purchases in 2017, it’s good to assess how you’re setting yourself up for financial success months before you take the plunge on that big new expense. Read More

Mother's Day On a Budget

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (Sunday, May 8), we thought we’d put together a few budget-savvy ideas to help make your mom’s day special without destroying your personal budget. For us, there’s no better way to do that then by giving you some tips to help Mom out with car care. Read More

How to Buy a Car With No Credit

Buying a car without any credit is tricky, but possible. As with any large purchase, we strongly encourage doing a lot of research about your financial situation first, and only then making a purchase. While we realize that some people need a car right away and can’t spend weeks or months planning for this big expenditure, a few key things to keep in mind can make the difference between securing the car loan that you need, and being rejected by a car dealer. Read More

Rejected for a Credit Card

Applying for a new credit card is typically a pretty straight-forward process. In many cases, you’ll receive a hard copy invitation (normally based on market research and other financial data) to apply for a bank’s credit card. The perks and interest rates are always different, but the process is usually the same (unless you have one of those super fancy American Express Black cards—aka, the “Centurion Card”, which is actually anodized titanium, unlike the plastic that we commoners carry around in our wallets)—you’re invited to apply by way of providing key information about your current income, social security info, and miscellaneous details. In a lot of cases, you can apply in under 5 minutes. From there, the credit company’s bank will run a series of checks on your credits to determine if you’re qualified for their card. Read More

Used Car Dealership Serves Up Loans for the Underserved

We’re wrapping up our dealership spotlight series with a final post that highlights the work being done at our Beaver Dam location. To see our previous posts for our four other bad credit used car dealerships, please see here for Easton Motors of Adams, here for Easton Motors of Baraboo, here for Easton Motors of Portage, or here for Easton Motors of West Salem. Read More

Prime Cars: Getting a Good Car When You Have Bad Credit

We’ve all been there before; the credit card bill comes in the mail, we file it away somewhere in our house, and then promptly forget about it. The payment due date comes and goes, and suddenly we have a late payment mark on our credit. Maybe we can sweet talk the credit card company into not letting our forgetfulness effect our credit score, but many other credit circumstances aren’t as easily solved. Read More

Discover Easton Motors of Adams Used Car Sales

Easton Motors of Adams is the first of our five used car dealerships opened by Easton Motors founder and president, Lawrence Meade. Lawrence began serving drivers in the Adams, Wisconsin region in 1990 out of a previous dealership home in Easton, Wisconsin; customers still come in over 25 years later to share how they remember when we were a small office by the road and only a handful of cars. Read More

Our West Salem Used Car Dealership

With a soft opening in December 2014 and a grand opening in late 2015, West Salem is the newest Easton Motors location, joining our other branches in Adams, Baraboo, Beaver Dam, and Portage.  Located just outside of La Crosse, off of Highway 16 in the heart of West Salem, Wisconsin, you’ll find us in West Salem’s former Premier Auto and Trailer Trader building.  Read More

Find Used Trucks Easier In Wisconsin

At Easton Motors, we do our best to put you in control of the information and cars you see. Whether it's how we configure our website, to how we tour you through our lots, or conduct our finance appointments, our goal is to make things as easy as possible on you. That's why we're constantly tweaking and updating the way we do business so that you get the most out of each and every visit, whether it be in person, or online. Read More

Discover Easton Motors of Portage

As we continue to deep-dive into our dealership spotlight series, we hope that the information in these blog posts are helpful whether you choose to do business with Easton Motors, or another company specializing in helping drivers with bad credit get transportation. At the end of the day, we hope to be a resource for you as you start (or continue) down the path of forming healthy financial habits. And now, without further ado, let’s learn about Easton Motors of Portage! Read More

Easton Motors of Baraboo

As the ground begins to thaw around the state of Wisconsin, we want to take some time to introduce each Easton Motors dealership, and share a little bit about how each location operates, including giving you auto financing tips from our team of finance specialists and branch managers, plus give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive at one of our lots. Read More

Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit In Wisconsin

Assuming you don't have a home office or live within walking distance to your place of employment, few things in life can feel as defeating as wondering how you're going to get to work. And, living in a four-season state like Wisconsin, where weather can often be unpredictable, often complicates things even further. Not having reliable transportation can mean the difference between getting the job (or getting the kids to school, or being able to access medical attention) and...not. In today's post, we want to discuss not only how to buy a used car in Wisconsin with bad credit, but also how to use your car loan as a tool to help rebuild your financial reputation, and restore the trust of lenders. Read More

Easton Motors Complaints

You've Got Something To Say--And We're Ready to Listen When it comes to fielding consumer reviews, we hope that we go above and beyond whenever we receive less-than-glowing feedback from our guests. From our financing division, to our branch managers, to our maintenance crew and office support staff, we hope you have nothing but amazing customer service during your tenure as an Easton Motors guest. But, no company is perfect, and we realize that not all of our customers will have the same experience with us.  Read More

99 Down and A Job To Ride?

From coast to coast, we've all heard the promises of a lot of car dealers over the years, and perhaps none more so than the promises of some dealers to get you into a car for just under a hundred bucks. On the surface, this sounds like a terrific deal--just prove you have a job, and into a car you go! But as with all promises that sound too good to be true, the $99 down might take the cake as the least helpful for most people.  Here's why we think so... Read More

Join Us for Family Fest In La Crosse!

Back again and billed as "Western Wisconsin's biggest and best family event," Family Fest 2016 will be loads of fun for you and the kids. The event, which is free to the public, directly benefits the Hunger Task Force, and you're encouraged to bring non-perishable goods for donation, if you'd like to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the Village Shopping Center. Read More

How To Make Your Car Tires Last

There are few things in life less exciting than having to spend hard-earned savings on a new set of tires. In fact, we can think of hundreds of other things we'd rather spend money on, instead of a few pieces of rubber that we never think about until it's time to replace them. But, if we follow a few easy guidelines, the path to getting the most out of our car tires is paved with...well, smooth asphalt that won't eat into our MPG (miles per gallon). Read More

First Time Car Buying Guide

Congratulations! You're taking the plunge on buying a car for the first time. The great wide world of American highways and biways awaits you--and with it, great responsibility for being a responsible motorized vehicle operator. If you're in the market for you first car, you've probably already done some basic research--like what sales are going on around you, are there any tax incentives to take advantage of, whether or not you're going to buy new or used, and, of course, what color your new ride needs to be. Read More

Use Your Tax Refund To Buy A Car

We're thrilled to announce that we've extended our January Double Down Sale into February, and this offer is good for our newest inventory, and even our low mileage inventory. This is a great time to take advantage of any extra cash you have lying around, as well as putting your tax refund to good use (see below). Read More

How To Get A Better Interest Rate On Your Credit Card Debt

Unless you only use cash to buy things and you inherited all your earthly possessions (thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!), chances are, you have a credit score, and with that, loads of credit offers from various banks and lenders. In fact, if you're like many Americans, you've probably got one, or two, or three (or more) cards in your back pocket on any given day. So naturally, you think to yourself, "Hey! Credit institutions like me! They think I'm trustworthy. It must be safe for me to get this shiny new card from them." But credit companies offer cards to people with a wide range of credit scores, and typically lure borrowers in with big promises (lots of airline miles! low interest rates! 0% APR on balance transfers!) that don't always work out in the borrowers' (that's you) favor. Read More

Car Care When It's Really Stinking Cold

Sure, we've written about car care before, but that was when we were basking in the glow of late summer sun, without a care in the world. Now that the hard winds and snow have arrived, we're desperately searching for bargain travel deals to Florida. So, in today's post, we want to get into the nitty gritty of mainting your car when the weather looks and feels Siberian, and the need to take a few extra minutes to keep our vehicles running feels like a prison sentence. Read More

Review: Our Picks for Best Productivity Apps

January is the time for resolutions and new beginnings; a time to restart the clock on all the bad habits we developed in year before, or to renew the good ones we made. While time continues to blow by, our days pile up with appointments and obligations, to-do lists and projects, and a myiad of other things that can often bury us, leaving us with very little excitement for yet another year. But where modernity taketh away, it also giveth--most notably in the form of productivity apps that help us manage our lives, and live more fully than we might without them. Read More

Our New Review Site!

As many of you know by now, we've made a lot of changes to our new website, including a new two minute car loan pre-approval application that works great with smartphones, better inventory sorting that now allows you to view vehicles by dealership, and a big Frequently Asked Questions page that seeks to answer as much about the used car buying business at Easton Motors as possible. But, one of the things we're most excited about is something we hinted at earlier this week: our new review site, www.eastonmotorsreviews.com. Read More

Inventory Spotlight: We Review the 2012 Dodge Journey

If you have a growing family and don’t like the look and feel of the typical minivan, the Dodge Journey may be the perfect choice, mixing power and precision with a sleek exterior, ample head and leg room (it’s one of Easton Motors’ top recommendations for taller drivers and passengers), and top-of-the-line interior finishes and gadgets fit for the modern driver. Whether you’re planning a trip to the grocery store, a camping excursion up north, or just need a place to stash your kids, the Dodge Journey is ready for duty. Read More

Easton Motors Reviews

We have an exciting announcement to make soon about a new Easton Motors reviews site, but in the meantime, we wanted to take a moment to pause and give a spotlight to our kind guests who have supported us since 1991. Some guests know of the days where we asked for a handwritten review that we'd put into our "Letters To My Friends" book, and newer guests now know that they can review us all over the Internet, from Facebook, to Yelp, to Google+, and beyond. You can even review us on car-specific websites like DealerRater and AutoTrader, and of course, as always, leave us some good, old fashioned feedback in the comments section of our blog. Read More

Inventory Spotlight: Ford Flex

Shown here in pristine white, but currently available in "Ruby Red" at Easton Motors of Wisconsin, the 2013 Ford Flex is a showstopper of a classic family wagon--and just so happens to net up to 25 miles per gallon during highway driving (nice!). With just under 70,000 miles and equipped with AWD, the Flex handles like a dream and can hold its own with our unpredictable Wisconsin weather. Read More

Vehicles You Can Be Proud To Own

At Easton Motors, we believe everyone should be in a car they're proud of. That's why we've been adding more and more late-model, low mileage vehicles to our inventory. Read More

New Year, New Used Car Website

At Easton Motors, we're striving to constantly improve the user experience for Wisconsin drivers looking for used cars, and used car financing. As more and more of our guests use the web to research and plan their car purchase, we want to ensure that you're having the best possible experience at eastonmotors.com, which is why we've kicked off 2016 with a complete redesign. Read More

Six Holiday Travel Do's and Don'ts

Planning on getting away from it all, or headed to Grandma's just down the street? No matter how far your holiday travel takes you, here are six of our favorite tips to make sure you can celebrate with abandon. Read More

Inventory Spotlight: Dodge Caravan

To best understand the Dodge Grand Caravan, it’s important to first dig around its origin story. Back in 1984 (in a galaxy far, far away…) American auto makers were faced with a problem: families were looking for something with the strength of a truck, but with the gas mileage and handling of a traditional sedan—in fact, full-size vans of the time were built on truck chasses and earned terrible gas mileage. Enter the minivan. And enter Dodge—the leader in vans. Read More

Inventory Spotlight: Ford Fusion

This particular model of Ford Fusion is also easy on the eyes, with modern styling, and a gorgeous black finish that will leave valets fighting for the chance to park your car at the mall, restaurant, or hotel. Read More

Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

Just because it's December doesn't mean the ol' check book doesn't have to be balanced at the end of the month. At Easton Motors, we know the holidays can make taking care of every day finances an extra challenge, so we've decided to offer a no-strings-attached, no-puchase-necessary offer to all of our current customers, and anyone else who follows us on Facebook. Just "share" our pinned post about our current used car deal (going on now, through December 19), and you'll be entered to win. It's our way of saying "Thanks!" for hanging out with us, and to help celebrate our newest location, Easton Motors of West Salem, just down the road from La Crosse. Read More

2014 Jeep Compass

Rarely does a company so consistently churn out hits as Jeep, a wartime auto manufacturer (now owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) that transitioned into making non-civilian SUVs and trucks in the 1940s. Since the original Willys MB Jeeps first entered production for the Allied effort, Jeeps have been lighting up the globe thanks to a combination of work-horse capabilities and long lasting engines. Read More

We Buy Quality Cars

One of the things we strive to do better than the competition at Easton Motors is provide our guests with the highest quality used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans possible. It's our way of setting ourselves apart from the typical Buy Here Pay Here dealer who sells older, run-down vehicles--a choice they often make because it helps them avoid sticker shock in the early stages of a customer's buying experience. But, cars are a long term investment, and the better the vehicle is up-front, the less work has to go in to them, and the more safe your transportation is. Read More

Holiday Spending Guide

Bad credit or not, no one wants to be The Grinch when it comes time to open up our wallets during the holidays. Whether it's dining out, hosting parties, or purchasing presents for loved ones, we all desire to be a little more generous this time of year. And it's possible to be just that--even if you're experiencing bad credit, or are trying to rebuild your credit--by keeping just a few important guidelines for spending in mind. Read More

Shop Our Latest Used Car Sale

Melt away your winter driving blues with a great new car from Easton Motors! Through December 19, all vehicle prices have been slashed by $500, plus, each purchase receives a $250 Visa gift card to help with holiday shopping, or just to have for a rainy day.  Read More

Winter Car Care

We depend on our cars to do a lot of extra heavy lifting during the winter. From holiday preparations, to following our favorite high school sports teams around, to shuffling the family off to celebrations, and--oh yeah--going to that 9-to-5, our lives put an extra burden on our cars this time of year. And, if you just so happen to live in a four season state like Wisconsin, the winters can get pretty brutal, causing damage to our cars if we're not prepared. Read More

Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Just because your credit may be rocky doesn't mean that it's impossible to find affordable car insurance. And note: we advocate that all drivers seek out affordable car insurance--not cheap car insurance. There is certainly a difference, and we hope some of the tips we highlight in today's post bear out the importance of still getting quality car insurance--even when budgets are tight and credit is low. Read More

Use Your Tax Refund to Get a Car

With tax season soon approaching, we're starting to field questions about how tax refunds work when you're trying to get a car. Chiefly: can you used your tax refund to get a car, or, similarly, can you use your refund as part of your downpayment? While all car dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here dealers are different, and state law regulates what a dealer can and cannot offer you, at Easton Motors, we work with refunds all the time--often before our guests even get their check. Read More

Black Friday Used Car Specials

We've loved offering our $1 Down Payment Sale to Wisconsin drivers this fall. But, as with all good things, this unique, unrivaled sale, is ending. So, starting this Black Friday and running through to next Monday, we're offering our favorite sale to all our guests with approved credit. Read More

Used Car Deal at Easton Motors

From November 16 through November 21, 2015, we're giving away $250 gift cards to Cabela's and Walmart with all vehicle purchases.  Read More

How To Get a Car Loan

We've written about how to get a car loan lots of times on this blog (see below), but we realize that maybe not all of you have the time to keep up with our each and every move. Life gets busy. We get it--trust us. Read More

Easton Motors Reviews for Bankruptcy, Repossession, Divorce, and More

For the most part, we like to keep this blog humming along with information and updates that will help during your car search--no matter where you are in the world, or what your financial standing is. But, occassionally, we like to use this space to toot our own horn.  Read More

Top 5 Things To Know About Car Loans

Regrets. We've all had 'em, and if we keep on taking risks and trying new things (you know...living), then we should probably plan to have a few more in our lifetime. But when it comes to regret and cars, a whole host of concerns enter the picture, because buying a car--especially a used car--means you're opening yourself up to a potential lemon...or a great deal. So how can you guard against the former, and attract the latter? Read More

Do I Need a Co Signer for a Car?

Not everyone who purchases a car--whether new or used--will need to have a co-signer. At Easton Motors, we cover this topic in our FAQ sheet, but recognize that each car dealership will have its own rules and regulations about who needs what for their credit application and car loan approval. By and large, people who need co-signers are those who do not meet all the pre-requisites for purchasing a vehicle on their own.  Read More

Bad Credit Auto Dealers

Between countless corny TV commercials, millions of Google Ads, and the still-ubiquitous bad credit auto advertising by way of billboards, it's easy to become jaded about the process of financing a vehicle (especially if you or a loved one happen to be battling poor credit). Plus, advertising is geared to make you feel aspirational--while selling you on any given product. Bad credit auto dealers, and the automotive industry at-large, are experts at advertising to the American driver. But are dealerships actually looking out for their customers' best interest? Read More

The Budgetnista

We're a big fan of the blogger / writer / public speaker The Budgetnista. If you're looking for ways to jumpstart your family or personal budgeting, and haven't already given her a gander, we highly encourage you to check her out. Read More

How To Get a Car With a Bad Credit Rating

Because we're a Buy Here Pay Here dealer, we get asked this question a lot. And, because there's a lot of bad information about what life decisions effect your credit, it's easy to see how understanding your credit and how it impacts future buying options can become extremely frustrating. To put you more at ease, we're put together a few pointers on how you can still purchase a new car even if your credit's taken a hit.  Read More

Used Cars In Wisconsin? Yeah, We've Got Those

While we're known for financing Wisconsin drivers with bad credit car loans, we're equally interested in offering our customers quality used cars at prices they can afford, and at payments they can make. Read More

It's Wisconsin Hunting Season 2015

Our entire used car inventory is just a buck for a limited time. Are you ready to start hunting, Wisconsin? Read More

Buy Here Pay Here Wisconsin: 4 Simple Steps for Getting a Loan

At Easton Motors, we're committed to helping people get back on the track to financial stability and well-being, which is why we work with our guests for as long as it takes in order to make sure they can afford a vehicle, and take advantage of our finance program.  Read More

Buy Here Pay Here Wisconsin Promo At Easton Motors

Wisconsin Buy Here Pay Here dealer Easton Motors is offering its entire used car inventory for $1 down. Say whaaaaaaat??? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Read More

All the (Single?) Ladies + Car Loans

Look, we're just going to go on the record and say that the women who come to Easton Motors for a car loan are AWESOME. They are hard-working, smart, and practical.They're business owners and moms, coaches, teachers, managers, sales reps, students, nurses, and caregivers.  Read More

Easton Motors Is On Pinterest

WHY?! Great question. Mostly because we wanted to create a fun space (not that the blog isn't fun!) outside of our every day outreach to drivers in Wisconsin looking for bad credit car loans, in-house auto financing, or, you know--oil changes. The Easton Motors Pinterest account is 90% our idea of fun (read: puppies and dessert) + 10% stuff about how to save on gas, or how to anticipate how your next job interview will go. Read More

Introducing the Easton Motors Buy Here Pay Here Referral Program

Easton Motors is proud to announce our new buy here pay here rewards incentive, The Fifty / Five Hundred Referral Program. If you're a current Easton customer who would like to enroll in this program, here's how it works: Read More

Buy Here Pay Here Cars Versus Craigslist

While Buy Here Pay Here dealerships have been around for decades, Craigslist has become a massive resource for Internet car shoppers since the mid 90s, offering lots of ways for a driver to connect with available vehicles in his or her area. Heck, we've even found personal vehicles for ourselves on Craigslist from time to time. But Buy Here Pay Here (aka, "BHPH") transactions are distinctly different than car purchases made on Craigslist.  Read More

Why Buy Here Pay Here

Why choose to do business with a Buy Here Pay Here dealer? The reasons might not always be obvious, and in times of fluid loans, it can be incredibly tempting to go whole hog on a new car from your typical car dealership. But if you have bad credit, then there are critical differences between traditional car sales, and a BHPH dealership and finance center. Paying attention to the differences could mean the difference between rebuilding your credit, and sinking further into debt. Read More

Drive Time Wisconsin

Planning a fall getaway sometime soon in Wisconsin? We've compiled some of the more popular destinations and routes so that you're prepared for drive time and distance, and have included stops along the way for your added convenience. Read More

Car Calculators: Go Crunch the Numbers

Interest calculators have long been the rage for Wisconsin's auto market, and throughout the country, but when it comes to providing you with rock solid financial guidance do they tell the whole story? Like most tools on the internet--especially financial tools--car calculators are only useful if you're entering in entirely complete and truthful data, and even then, should only be used as an estimate for what your furture car payments and total cost will be. If you're depending on a loan calculator to spit out the complete financial picture, you may be in for a surprise. Read More

Why Financing From An Independent Car Dealer My Save Your Life

Okay, so maybe the title is a bit dramatic, but we take car finances pretty seriously around here, and make it our job to learn and evaluate trends in the automotive industry. So, while we know plenty of folks who have had great success buying a car from a franchise car dealership, we've seen enough of the hard numbers to know that that's not always the best route for a lot of people--and can ultimately cause great financial disasters and financial stress. Read More

I Have All the Cash. Should I Get a Car at Easton Motors?

Hey there! Yes, you! The one with all the cash poking out of your pockets.  You look good. And we're very excited for you. We hope you spend all that dough wisely. Maybe send us something pretty from the Eiffel Tower gift shop, or Ceasar's Palace. But here's the thing: if you're looking for a car, and you have a lot of money, you probably don't need us. Read More

How to Use Payday Loans Without Getting Cheated

Payday loans often require interest payments in the triple digits, and lawmakers in some states are actually trying to get rid of them altogether. Their reasoning? In many cases, there are no legal limits on how many personal payday loans a person can take out, leading to an aggressive debt cycle and increased predatory lending. Read More

Credit and Your Divorce

Divorce isn't a popular topic of discussion on most blogs, but we've experienced it ourselves and know our customers have too. Divorce not only can wreck havoc on your heart and your family, but it's also one of the leading causes of bad credit cases--often to a lot of people's sudden surprise.  Read More

Is Wisconsin One of the Worst States for Leasing?

Wisconsin doesn't crack the Top 10 Highest or Lowest lists, but there's something to be said for its place as "somewhere in the middle." Wisconsin has plenty of high density areas (like Madison, Milwaukee, and Green Bay) where commutes are typically more urban and short, mixed in with plenty of rural and suburban driving. States that see the highest number of leases are typically those with great manufacturer incentives--like Michigan--and those that boast lots of "urban jungles," like New York and even Texas. And places like Arkansas and Utah make for some of the worst states for leasing due to the large swath of highway in between major industries, as well as a lack of large urban centers. Read More

How Long Will It Take to Get My Loan Approval?

Raise your hand if you like going to the DMV. How about the post office during the holidays? Calling your Internet provider during an outage? Yeah, us neither. If there's one thing that drives us nuts it's having to wait for things that are important or vital to our well-being or quality of life. Long lines and busy signals can hold up our entire day, and force us to alter our schedules--which is why when it comes to how we do business, we're pretty picky about making sure we streamline your credit application as much as possible.  Read More

Pull Your Credit Smartly

We're all (rightfully) wary of situations where our credit might be pulled, and considering how much personal information is transmitted over the Internet now, it makes perfect sense to not want our credit checked until we're absolutely certain we'll be approved. Whether it's an application for a promotional credit card with our favorite company (like Kohl's, The Gap, Best Buy, REI), or a home loan, there are lots of different companies out there that want to--and need to--poke around our financial behavior. But when you're trying to restore your credit, it's improtant to excercise judgement, so you know how to take control of your finances and make your credit application count when it's most necessary. Read More

Why Can't I Find Car Prices On Your Website?

We get asked this question a lot. A LOT. Whether you're reaching out to us on our live car chats, or sitting down with one of our Finance Specialists to begin your credit program approval, this tends to be something that's on your mind. And let's just say: Message Received, Loud & Clear... Read More

Come Work in Wisconsin!

Easton Motors is looking for candidates to fill Finance Specialists positions for its Western and Central Wisconsin locations. Ideal candidates will bring with them an instructive background--from sales to teaching, to managing households--and while prior finance experience will be an asset, it's not a requirement. Additionally, ideal candidates will thrive in a collaborative, team-oriented community, and enjoy interacting with--and helping--people with bad credit. Read More

10 Car Cleaning Hacks For Before Your Next Date

Let's face it: life gets busy, and Friday nights creep up faster than you can say TGIF. But those Taco Bell wrappers and empty Gatorade bottles aren't going to throw themselves away. Sure, we talk a lot about car finances around here, but we also happen to love cars, and there are few things in life that make us happier than a date night in a clean set of wheels. What better way to show your special someone that you care than taking them out for a night out on the town that doesn't leave them thinking, "I really liked him--but what's rotting in his trunk?" Read More

How Do I...Get a Car With Bad Credit

In Part One of the series, we discussed the advantages of having current income in order to get approved for a car loan despite bad credit. In today's post, we'll discuss another important component of applying for a car. These tips, while specifically structured around the custom car loan program at Easton Motors, can also work across a wide range of credit applications, and we encourage you to seek out professional education whenever possible. Read More

How Do I...Get a Car With Bad Credit

In Part I of our series, we'll visit one of the key ways you can improve your chances of getting a car with bad credit. This series is designed for anyone who's trying to finance a car with bad credit, or even first-time car buyers who haven't yet had time to build their credit. There are many ways to get a car with bad credit, and rebuilding your credit in general, is an important life goal. A good credit score opens you up to many more lending opportunities, and even lower interest rates. Read More

Subprime Credit? You're Not Alone

Often, reporting agencies have a wide range for what qualifies for excellent, good, and poor credit. And, within those categories, can be an even wider range of good / bad credit. Some creditors see the mid-600s as poor or subprime credit, while pickier sources like TransUnion, count anything under or straddling 700 as subprime credit. While this can seem like a nusiance, being aware of all the credit ratings out there can mean the difference between more available lending and more favorable interest rates, and limited funds and high interest rates on that lended money. Read More

Subprime Credit? You're Not Alone

Often, reporting agencies have a wide range for what qualifies for excellent, good, and poor credit. And, within those categories, can be an even wider range of good / bad credit. Some creditors see the mid-600s as poor or subprime credit, while pickier sources like TransUnion, count anything under or straddling 700 as subprime credit. While this can seem like a nusiance, being aware of all the credit ratings out there can mean the difference between more available lending and more favorable interest rates, and limited funds and high interest rates on that lended money. Read More

Bad Credit Car Payment

If you're eagerly searching for ways to restore your credit, it might be tempting to buy a new car. New cars typically (though not always!) break down less frequently than used cars, usually require less up-front maintenance, and don't come with a pesky monthly car payment. But just because you might have lucked into some unexpected cash, doesn't mean that buying a new car--or any other large item--outright, is the way to go. In fact, to rebuild your credit, you're actually going to want to take out a loan.  Read More

Tackling Debt Crisis One Day at a time

When we find ourselves in financial trouble, our first instinct is often to run and hide--because, let's face it: debt, and debt crises, are not pleasant things to have to tackle. But the longer we try to outrun credit trouble, the worse our predicament becomes.  Of course, assessing the damage that past financial mistakes or unexpected financial burdens have caused doesn't require a fancy online service, or a credit doctor, or "As Seen On TV" promotions. The first step to getting back on the path to financial stability is much simpler: make a list. Grab your nearest notepad and Bic pen, and get to work logging your typical monthly expenses and incoming money.  Read More

When Public Transportation Isn't an Option

Since Henry Ford and other early 20th Century innovators began cranking out Model Ts like there was no tomorrow, Americans have embraced automobile transporation at consistently staggering heights. Whether yor were one of the original Ford assembly plant workers putting your wages toward a horseless carriage, or a Ford executive looking at recent sales numbers for the F-150 Series, it's easy to see that Americans have long had a love affair with autos.  Read More

When Public Transportation Isn't an Option

Since Henry Ford and other early 20th Century innovators began cranking out Model Ts like there was no tomorrow, Americans have embraced automobile transporation at consistently staggering heights. Whether yor were one of the original Ford assembly plant workers putting your wages toward a horseless carriage, or a Ford executive looking at recent sales numbers for the F-150 Series, it's easy to see that Americans have long had a love affair with autos.  Read More

Pro Tips for buying a Car

To find out how our financing program has helped thousands of other individuals just like you, please schedule an appointment at any one of our five Wisconsin used car campuses today! Read More

Automotive Financing Despite Bad Credit

A common misconception about bad credit is that once you have it, you're stuck with it... But bad credit should be treated more like a temporary situation, than a permanent state of being. With an optimistic outlook on restoring your financial history and financial reputation, you'll soon be well on your way to making a positive impact on your credit score, and your overall purchasing power. Read More

Used Cars what to look for

Buying a used car is nerve wracking enough, but buying a used car when your credit is poor or suffering from an unexpected financial set-back, can be even more frustrating. Most banks and credit unions won't lend to you because you're considered too much of a financial risk, but without someone taking a chance on you, there's no way to rebuild your credit and your financial reputation. Read More

Should You Lease a Car, Or Buy It?

To lease or to buy? Anyone who's ever decided to plunk down some serious cash for a car has asked them selves this essential question. In today's post, we want to highlight the benefits of both, to help give you an idea of what type of set-up might suit you best. Read More

Top Places to Research a Car Online

When it comes to cars, Americans are pretty darn picky. And while we're all united in our love for the automobile--whether it's the irresistible masculinity of a hot rod, the perfect junk car to restore, or the overpowering thrill of a V8 truck--it behooves us all to make sure whatever car we're intending to purchase is the right one for where we are in life. Read More

I-90 Road Construction In 2016

Summer is the start of a lot of wonderful things in our part of the country, whether it's baseball games, family gatherings, trips to the lake, or just generally enjoying the sunshine (which can sometimes feel so rare!). But summer also invites a deluge of road closures and construction, and if you're a business owner in Wisconsin--big or small--or someone who's told Amazon to keep it's money--you're shopping local--you've probably cursed our recent spat of construction on Interstate 90 and Highway 16. Maybe more than once. Read More

Summer Car Care Tips

Congratulations! Your vehicle made it through the winter months in the frozen tundra we call Wisconsin. Now that we’re all a little unthawed, it’s time to get prepared for the sweltering heat of the summer, the pollen, and the dusty dry winds.  Think about how good you feel when you can stay clean and cool during this time of year—well, it’s no different for your car. Read More

When To Ask for a Co-Signer Release

If you've ever had to reach out to friends or family to co-sign a financial document (like a student loan, or for a car), then you may be wondering for how long--and to what end--having your loved one attached to such an expense is necessary. The benefits of having a co-signer are plenty--especially for someone trying to build credit, because a co-signer essentially ties their credit score and repayment responsibilities to your loan application--but there are just as many reasons why it might be wise for you to consider asking for a co-signer release. Read More

Where To Find Summer Activities for Families On a Budget

The end of the school year is finally upon us, and with the end of school comes a new challenge for Wisconsin families: what to do with all our kids? Not all families have the same financial resources to send kids to "sleep-away" camps, or even day camps, and not all families have one parent who stays at home. But just because resoucres might be thin for indulgent summer adventures, doesn't mean you have to be locked out of fun, safe, and helpful resources while your kids are home 24-7. Read More

Smarter Ways To Pay Your Bills

Let's be honest--there is nothing fun about paying a bill, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be. The only silver lining is that paying our bills on time makes us responsible, contributing members of society--and yes, there can be that satisfaction that comes with knowing that your hard work is keeping the lights on, and food in the fridge. Read More

What's Your Credit Score?

No, really. Do you know what your credit score is? According to the Association of Credit and Collections Professionals, most Americans don't. That's a scary reality, which has implications far beyond not knowing a basic fact about yourself. Knowing your credit score is a powerful antidote to predatory lending, as well as a gauge of where you should improve your finances, and where you're succeeding. Read More

Wisconsin Summer Fun "Hacks" and Adventures

We write a lot about heady subjects like credit and financial service, but no one says a used car blog has to be all business and no play. Today, we're highlighting some of our favorite spots to stay cool this summer and beat the heat. As always, we're keeping an eye towards cost and practicality, as we realize not everyone can go out and splurge on a Wisconsin Dells package or fancy kayaking trips to the Apostle Islands. So, we're "hacking" our way to a cheap--but still super fun--summer vaction. Join us! Read More

Wisconsin Summer Fun "Hacks" and Adventures

We write a lot about heady subjects like credit and financial service, but no one says a used car blog has to be all business and no play. Today, we're highlighting some of our favorite spots to stay cool this summer and beat the heat. As always, we're keeping an eye towards cost and practicality, as we realize not everyone can go out and splurge on a Wisconsin Dells package or fancy kayaking trips to the Apostle Islands. So, we're "hacking" our way to a cheap--but still super fun--summer vaction. Join us! Read More

Figuring Out If You Need a New Car

Deciding on how and when to purchase a car—whether new or used—is a big decision, and likely one of the larger financial expenditures you’ll make in any given year. Each person (or family) has different needs, budgets, wants, and credit scores that will inevitably impact what sort of vehicle they end up purchasing. But before the conversation of buying even starts, you need to consider why you’re even considering this big financial responsibility. Read More

Best SUVs for Road Trips

With summer in full swing, there are few things we love more than the opportunity to punch out, zone out, and hit the open road with our best buds (be they human or canine), an old-timey road map (you know--the big pieces of paper with pictures of states and cities on them with lines and bright dots), and enjoy the wonders of the off-beaten path. But who wants to hunker down for endless hours on the road in a vehicle that's not a good fit for adventure? Definitely not us (cue Netflix and pizza delievery, instead). And we figure a lof of our readers feel the same. Read More

Strategies for Keeping Back to School Costs Low

As parents, there are few financial expenditures we look forward to with equal amounts of excitement and apprehension than the start of a new school year. Whether that means high tuition, or just getting the basics--books, binders, and clothes--the cost of making sure our kids are prepared for a year of academic rigor send shivers down our spine. In fact, the National Retailers Federation estimates that the average K-12 household will spend nearly $700 per child on back-to-school costs this year.  Read More

Free School Supplies Giveaway

We're continuing our salute to parents trying to save as much as possible during the back-to-school rush with price reductions, cash cards, and even free school supplies at all Easton Motors locations now through the end of August. Read More

Sizzling Savings Boost Continues

Your backyard grill isn't the only thing that's heating up this summer--our annual summer used car sale, the Sizzling Savings Boost, will be valid for the month of July. If you weren't able to get in to one of our five dealerships in June, you now have a few extra weeks to capitalize on this smoking hot offer. Read More

What To Do If You've Been Turned Down for Credit

Getting turned down for credit--whether it's for a car, a credit card, or a house--can be an incredibly disspiriting experience that can leave you raw and turned off to the idea of credit entirely. We hear you. We've been there ourselves, and we certainly have had to turn down our fair share of applicants over the years. But being turned down for a loan is an opportunity to reassess your personal finances, and re-focus on your financial goals. Read More

Reducing Debt and Managing Your Income

If you're a loyal reader of our blog (shout out to our loyal readers!), then you'll know this space is chock-full of advice on credit and debt management. We're passionate about talking about credit and how to manage it, because our company is structured to help people improve their credit via automotive financing, and an educated guest is a good guest, and more likely to succeed with our finance program. Read More

Reducing Debt and Managing Your Income

How Interest Rates Affect Your Credit Card Debt

In a previous post on this here blog, we wrote about the problem we see with borrowers needing to reduce their debt before they can be approved for a car loan. Today, we want to take an in-depth look at how credit card debt (a big offender when it comes to Americans' outstanding overall debt) is affected by the interest rate on each card you carry. Read More

Dollar Down Sale Returns to All Easton Motors Dealerships

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas--the Easton Motors Dollar Down "Fall Into Savings" sale! We are so excited to be able to offer this special promotion again this year. The Dollar Down sale gives drivers in Western and Central Wisconsin the opportunity to put just a $1 down payment on any vehicle at our five used car dealerships and finance centers.  Read More

Finding a Bad Credit Auto Lender--All Across America

When you're struggling with credit issues it can be hard to know who to turn to when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. And, if you're moving across statelines (or cross country), helping a friend search for a car, or you live close to your state's border and want to value shop, the quest to find a reputable bad credit dealership can be even more complicated. Read More

Self-Driving Cars: Yea, Nay, or May(be)

So what say you, readers? How do you feel about living in a country where cars drive themselves? Is this an exciting advancement that you're looking forward to participating in, or do you side with the skeptics? Sound off in the comments! Read More