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Bankruptcy Car Loans

Bankruptcy car loans are a way to help people in Wisconsin who need to start rebuilding their credit after declaring bankruptcy. At Easton Motors, we work with people each and every day who have declared bankruptcy or have been discharged from their bankruptcy.

Let’s Conquer Your Bankruptcy and Car Needs Together

We’ve worked with people all across the bankruptcy spectrum—from recently declaring, to Chapter 7, and those awaiting a bankruptcy discharge. We know what it takes to get the job done for people going through this challenging part of their lives. If you’re trying to rebuild your credit profile after suffering through a bankruptcy, please give us a call, or begin the credit pre-approval process right now We’ll work until we can get you a package that will work for your new financial goals, and give you the independence and hope you need for this next stage of life.

Chapter 13 work with trustee to approve

Chapter 7 prior to discharge

Recently discharged bankruptcy

Awaiting bankruptcy discharge


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