How Much Are Down Payments | Easton Motors FAQ Series

FAQ Series: How Much Are Down Payments At Easton Motors?

Much like monthly payments, your down payment will vary because of a number of factors, including but not limited to your creditworthiness, vehicle type, income, and any sales that may be running at the time of your purchase. Down payments typically can range from as little as $0 down to $1500, but working with a finance specialist is the best way to know what to be prepared for in terms of bringing a down payment to your finance appointment. Once you start working with a member of our staff, we’ll be able to find out sometimes in as little as 20 minutes what your down payment needs to be. The larger the down payment you’re able to bring, the smaller your monthly payments will be. People looking for lower monthly payments should be prepared to bring cash to their test drive.

How to Get a Low Down Payment

If you’re hoping to score a lower down payment, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself before applying for a car. The first is to ensure that your credit is on the uptick. While we’re a dealership for drivers with bad credit, we see a range of credit scores and creditworthiness that can affect an applicant’s final down payment amount. If you can consolidate some outstanding debt before you apply for credit, you may qualify for a lower down payment.

You should also follow the Easton Motors Facebook account for sale announcement and pop up promotions. Oftentimes, these deals allow people to stretch their available down payment funds, or take advantage of offers from the company to match their down payment.


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